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Carry Easter Joy to Others

Carry the Good News of Easter Joy to Others

After telling a class of small children of Jesus’ appearance to Mary Magdalene, I told them to draw the Scripture story.  One little boy drew a stick figure and two little circles at the bottom of the page.  I asked hem to explain his drawing.  He said, “Mary was so happy to see Jesus, she jumped out of her shoes.”

This small child caught the message of Easter.

Easter has several favorite Scripture words.

 ~The women hurried away from the tomb half over-joyed and half-fearful; they ran to carry the good news to the disciples. 

 ~On entering the tomb, John saw and believed. 

 ~Jesus greets his disciples with “Peace be with you.”

 ~Even though you do not see Him, you believe and rejoice with an indescribable and glorious joy.

Ponder your Easter words in your heart.  Carry them forth with joy to others.

A happy and Joyous Easter!   

 Sr. Barbara, HVM