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Donations to support the Sisters, Home Visitors of Mary can safely be made online.  Your data is 100% secure.  Just click on the yellow Donate button.   You don’t need a PayPal account …  you can use a regular credit card.  Just click the “Use Credit Card”  choices.  Automatic MONTHLY donations in any amount are especially appreciated.   That’s a great way to  support Sisters, Home Visitors of Mary in their diverse missions.  Just click “Monthly” instead of “One Time”.

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If purchasing tickets or donating for a specific cause or reason, please include a note mentioning that fact.    Just click the “+” sign when you encounter it during the input process to “Add special instructions” as shown by the arrow in the example below.  

Please consider including the Sisters, Home Visitors of Mary in your will or estate plan.  Contact the Sisters for information and assistance.

Your support of the Home Visitors of Mary is most welcomed as we form religious women to reach out – rooted in the Word of God – to neighborhoods, schools, day cares, hospitals, youth programs, pastoral formation and HIV counseling.

 Every donation counts.  $10 U.S. will buy a catechism text for a young student.  $25 will put gas in the tank of our used van in Gwagwalada, $200 will buy a knitting machine for the Sr. Mary Schutz Women’s Empowerment Center.  Your donation will support child care in Abuja or elementary school children in Ichama, Korinya, or Kpaduma. 


Please feel free to contact Sisters Home Visitors of Mary at:

121 E. Boston Blvd

121 E. Boston Blvd., Detroit, MI

Sisters Home Visitors of Mary

121 E. Boston Blvd.

Detroit, MI  48202

Telephone: 313-869-2160


or in Nigeria at

God Is Our Creator

A gift of $10.00 will put this religion text into the hands of local children in Abuja and Gwagwalada and Ichama, Nigeria.

Sr. Clare Emeruom

Telephone: 080 30842236 or 


Alternate telephone:  080 34731187

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