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August 2021:  We welcome our new Home Visitors leadership team and ask blessings upon them as they begin their role of leadership in directing the HVM mission and caring for the religious congregation for the next four years.  Please say a prayer that the Holy Spirit may guide their discernments and they are open to the voice of the Lord and the needs of God’s people.

Sr. Clare, administrator

Sr. Winnifred, vicar (fills in if necessary for administrator)

Sr. Vivience

Sr. Sylvia

Sr. Barbara


Special Insert: Please walk with the women answering the call of Christ.   COVID-19 deeply challenges life in Nigeria.  The Sisters, Home Visitors of Mary need your help more than ever!  Your support, no matter how small, is needed and so deeply appreciated.

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Sisters Home Visitors of Mary is a vibrant multicultural community founded in 1949 with a focus on welcoming newly arriving African-American families in Detroit, Michigan.  HVM Sisters walked up and down the streets of Detroit knocking on doors to say Welcome Into Our Church Home – We Are One.

We reach out to people in the context of their lives where they dwell in our neighborhoods, currently in Detroit and in Nigeria.  We encourage them through respectful conversation and common action to explore goodness, truth and beauty in themselves and in their community.

HVM Sisters in Detroit minister in city parishes, serve in food pantries and soup kitchens, organize retreats and discussion groups particularly for the marginalized, assist with couples who marry at Blessed Sacrament Cathedral, coach reading to adults and youths, work in adult care facilities, operate a second hand thrift store for neighborhood purchases, and sing in a metropolitan choir.

In Nigeria the Sisters teach in schools, run child care centers, provide religious education to countless squatter villages and outlying areas, visit as chaplains in hospitals and prisons, and run a women’s empowerment business training program.  In the city of Gwagwalada the Sisters have established a pastoral institute to form men and women as parish faith leaders.  Twenty-five Nigerian women have become Sisters Home Visitors of Mary since two Detroit HVM Sisters planted the seed of our congregation in Nigeria fifteen years ago.

Sisters, Home Visitors of Mary with Cardinal John Onoiyekan, Archbishop of Abuja

Sisters, Home Visitors of Mary with Cardinal John Onoiyekan, Archbishop of Abuja, Nigeria

We treasure the Word of God in all things, as it is the root and source behind everything we do.  God’s Word impels us to spread the Good News through our worship, our programs of faith formation for children and adults, and our service to those in need.  We extend a warm welcome to you who seek the Lord.

Mission: The Home Visitors of Mary are called to witness universal love to all people, especially those marginalized by society. “The Spirit of the Lord is upon me…He has anointed me to bring the Good News to the poor, to proclaim liberty to captives and sight to the blind, to set the downtrodden free, to proclaim the Lord’s year of favor.”  Lk 4:18-19. “Go therefore and make disciples of all nations.” Matthew 28:18

Vision: Our vision is the Mystical Body of Christ, wherein each individual has a place and part to play.  Conscious of the serious reality of racism and ethnocentrism, we strive to bring about inclusion of various races, tribes, ethnic and/or national groups wherever we are and in all that we do.    The Sisters are flexible and adaptable in response to the gifts and talents of the individual Sisters and needs and call of the bishop.  We strive to realize our mission through the broad thrust of evangelization and pastoral ministry in various forms and expressions:

To continue the mission of Jesus
To evangelize
To foster community
To enculturate the faith
To work for justice and peace
To evoke a prophetic critique of our culture and life

Spirituality:  Our ministry and the culture of those with whom we live and work shapes our prayer life.   Our spirituality calls us to be deeply aware and manifest the redeeming love and indwelling of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit, uniting us to themselves and to one another and to all people.  Our prayer is rooted in the rich font of the Catholic Church, e.i. Scripture, the Eucharist. Mary inspires us to live with grateful joy, a spirit of the anawim and openness to the Spirit.