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Zoom In to Strong Faith – Vital Connections

“Strong Faith-Vital Connectionsis a webinar series sponsored by Vickie Figueroa, Black Catholic Ministry Office of Archdiocese of Detroit.  Vickie Figueroa, Fr. John McKenzie, an African-American priest at Shrine, and Christina Hall will share their  experiences in the Black Catholic community.   Each program they will be joined by different guests and experts.  Figueroa says: We want to give Black Catholics a platform to learn, inspire each other and grow.

 This outreach effort aims at strengthening the community, especially the over 33,000 Black Catholics in southeast Michigan.  Fr. John emphasized the need to listen to the issues of today in light of the church’s 2,000 years of lived experience.

Zoom in to “Strong Faith-Vital Connections” at the Archdiocese of Detroit for each program:  1) click on the Archdiocese of Detroit website, 2) Click on the “Reaching Out” icon on the Upcoming Events line , 3)  click the link indicated to join the webinar.

July 9 – Reaching Out to the African-American Community: The gifts we Bring!

July 23 – Catholic Schools in the African American Community: Yesterday, Today,             Tomorrow

Aug. 13 – The Catholic Church is a Place for All.  Why are so Many of us Missing?

Aug. 27 – Forum with Black Catholics across the U.S.  The Struggle is Real Everywhere.

Sept. 10 – Liturgy: Authentically Black and Truly Catholic

Sept. 24 – Sacraments: Divine Power.  Outward Signs Instituted by Christ to Give Grace


A Time of Uncertainty

A tiny unseen reality – the new corona virus – has invaded our world and heightened our awareness of our oneness.  We are all connected!  We must all focus on the common good of all, especially the most vulnerable.

All dates of upcoming HVM events may change in the future.  

Take this time to read the Gospels, contemplating the life of Jesus and our reality in our space.  Come to know and see ever deeper the Mystery we live and how we relate with all creation on our small planet, earth.   With eyes of faith, hope and love welcome all of our brothers and sisters seeking life for their families.   

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World Water Day.

World Water Day was Sunday March 22nd.  Although that day has passed, we invite you to recognize its continued relevance.  Continue to pray and act for solutions.  

Michigan is at the epicenter of water issues in the United States.  Everything from lead in the water in Flint, PFAs throughout the entire State, the Enbridge oil pipeline under the Straits of Mackinaw, to water shut offs in Detroit. There are currently tens of thousands of households without water because it is not affordable for many low income families.

Besides the immoral issue of shutting off water to most vulnerable, this is a health and safety issue for all, not only for those impacted by the shut-offs.  Detroit already has elevated cases of Hepatitis A and Shigellosis.  And now the growing concern due to the Corona virus COVID-19.  People must be able to wash their hands to cut down on the spread of disease!

Here are ways to Take Action:

Many groups released a statement calling on Gov. Whitmer to declare a moratorium on water shutoffs due to a public health crisis. The solution is an income-based water affordability plan for those who cannot afford the high cost of water and sewage.  Contact Governor Gretchen Whitmer (517-335-7858) and Mayor Mike Duggan (313-224-3400) and ask them to declare a moratorium on water shut offs. 

In Grace, Peace, and Blessings,

The Faith Outreach Committee of the People’s Water Board

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