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New Bookstore and Day Care Center in Apo

00 st_charles_lwanga1Sisters, Home Visitors of Mary in Nigeria has given full support to two creative new projects by Sr. Vivienne Eze, HVM.   After several years of week-end pastoral ministry at St. Charles Lwanga Parish in Apo, named in honor of  St. Charles and his companion martyrs of Uganda, Sr. Vivienne has ventured two new endeavors there:  a Bookstore and Precious Baby Day Care.

The bookstore is located within the parish premises.   Stocked with bibles, spiritual books and religious articles, it attracts the new parishioners of the parish in Apo, a developing satellite town southeast of the Nigerian capital city of Abuja.   Utube video of parish mass and choir is below.

Precious Baby Day Care provides a caring environment for children of young working parents. Parents know and trust Sr. Vivienne and are grateful to have a Day Care in close proximity to their living quarters.

The brightly decorated rooms for infants and toddlers contain colorful sleeping mats, attractive learning materials, charts, white board, TV, tables and chairs.  Sr. Vivienne, a gifted singer and well qualified in early child development, plans each day’s activities of songs, stories, ABC’s , play, eating and sleep time ready for the children to be picked up by their parents.

You can help support the Sisters Home Visitors of Mary book store and day care center by using the Donate button on the SHVM Contacts page.