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Sr. Sylvia at St. Joseph and Mary School

HVM Sr. Sylvia Etim is now devoting her energy and talents to work at St. Joseph and Mary secondary school in Korinya, a city in Gboko Diocese in Benue state in southeastern Nigeria.   The school is primarily a boarding school with students living on campus.  Local people work mostly in farming.  The area is a calm and safe environment for growing crops in the fields and and for growing beautiful minds and souls in the  school. 

This is in the heart of  the area throughout Nigeria and Cameroon populated by Tiv people, an important African ethnic group, who trace their proud and peaceful culture back many hundreds of years into the past.   The Tiv language is spoken by about 15 million people.  HVM Sr. Lydia, who is also missioned with Sr. Sylvia at St. Joseph and Mary school, is Tiv and speaks the Tiv language.

Sr.  Sylvia works as Vice-Principal handling administrative duties and student affairs, especially for students who live on campus.  It’s often hard for parents to afford the expense of quality education, but their sacrifice and that of the HVM Sisters and others helps ensure a brighter future for students at St. Joseph and Mary school.    


New HVM Leadership Team

August 2021:  We welcome our new Home Visitors leadership team and ask blessings upon them as they begin their role of leadership in directing the HVM mission and caring for the religious congregation for the next four years.  Please say a prayer that the Holy Spirit may guide their discernments and they are open to the voice of the Lord and the needs of God’s people.

Sr. Clare, administrator

Sr. Winnifred, vicar (fills in if necessary for administrator)

Sr. Vivience

Sr. Sylvia

Sr. Barbara