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Celebrating Beatrice Cochran!

Sisters, Home Visitors of Mary and friends joined together at the HVM convent on November 8 to recognize and celebrate the gifts of BEATRICE COCHRAN, a woman who sees, listens and does – and enables others to do likewise.  Bea has served tirelessly for more than ten years as chairperson of SHVM’s fundraising committee.

Blessed by Bea’s dedication, the HVM community in Nigeria has grown by more than 25 sisters.  The planted seed has sprouted!  We give thanks for the fire that inspires you, Bea, to give thus of  your time and effort.

1 Bea Cochran

Bea Cochran

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ISP Retreat Success

Homeless womanSr. Rosemarie Abate participates with the Ignation Spirituality Project (ISP) team in Metro Detroit to hold weekend retreats for men and women who have experienced homelessness and addictions.   We are delighted and proud to share the following on the ISP retreat for women which was held November 13 – 15, 2015.

backpackFirst, we share that an incredibly generous but anonymous SHVM supporter donated backpacks for all the retreat participants!  The ladies are so appreciative of that support!  And they LOVE the backpacks.

The following recap of the retreat and stirring message is provided by ISP team member Erika Lovell:

Dear Brother and Sisters in Christ,

Last weekend, November 13 – 15, the Lord graciously and generously brought together 14 women to journey through our 4th Women’s ISP Retreat in Detroit.

ISP Women's Retreat Nov 13 - 15, 2015


The women arrived on Friday evening with a strong desire to be part of the retreat, an openness to the unknown and a Spiritual yearning that inspired them to say ‘yes’ to Lord’s loving invitation.

ISP Christ on the Cross 11.14.15


Over the next 2 days God lavished us with His Love, Presence, Compassion, Mercy, Healing, Word, Creativity, Joy, Grace, Fellowship and Faith.  An amazing sisterhood has been formed by the Father, and I know I speak on behalf of everyone present when I say that we are feeling profoundly blessed as a result.  Once again, the Lord has opened our minds and our hearts so that we might find ‘home’ within one another, in a way that only He can do.  God is SO very good, and on behalf of the ladies of the retreat, we are all SO very grateful.

ISP Psalms 1

Our most sincere thanks to each and everyone of you who held us ladies in prayer, both in the days leading up to the retreat and throughout the weekend.  Rainey, thank you dear heart for all of your efforts in putting the prayer chain together, and for all of the beautiful souls who said ‘yes’ to your invitation to pray.  The women were very moved to know that so many were holding us in prayer, and it truly makes such a difference for all involved.  If I may be so bold,  I also ask that everyone continue to hold these women in your hearts in the days to come, especially as the Lord continues to transform their hearts and minds a midst their own individual realities.  

ISP Chapel Stained Glass 11.14.15

 Clarisa, DiAnne and Sister Rosemarie, a very special thank-you to each of you for all of your hard work, time, talents, resources, leadership, presence and love.  It was an honor and a wonderful blessing to be with each of you over the weekend, and I thank God for the gifts that each of you so lovingly brings.


ISP End of a Blessed Day...11.14.15

 In a week that has been so showered with such tremendous violence, hate, terror and sorrow, I pray that this message in some very small way might help to renew each of our souls in knowing that no  matter what, God will NEVER leave us, and that HIS love will ALWAYS prevail.  This retreat was a gift from Him for ALL of us to remind us of exactly that.

 Peace, Love and God’s Continued Grace to you all!