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Sr. Calista at Our Lady of the Rosary School

Our Lady of the Rosary School Children

In October 2021, Srs. Calista and Chioma, HVM, took positions at Our Lady of the Rosary Nursery and Primary School in Kpaduma, an impoverished area on the outskirts of Abudja, the capital of Nigeria,   Srs. Calista and Chioma want to help provide solid moral and academic foundations for the children of Kpaduma in keeping with HVM’s core value of universal love and service to those in need.  Impoverished Kpaduma abuts the rich and prosperous Asokoro district of Abudja.  

Catholic education in Nigeria is focused on forming compassionate and just leaders who will be prepared in the future to confront the complexities of the ever-changing Nigerian society.  Nigerian bishops write: “We admonish all Christians … to always seek out ways of doing something concrete to make society better.”  Catholic Bishops’ Conference of Nigeria, August 2021.

Given the poverty of Kpaduma, your generous financial contribution to help pay student tuition would be a blessed event that echoes through the years as children born to slum parents grow into educated men and women, prepared to help better their communities.  Tuition is less than $50 US per yearCan you or your organization help?

Sr. Calista writes this letter to you:

On 4th October, 2021, l reported to school as the new Head teacher of Our Lady of the Rosary Nursery and Primary School, Kpaduma.  Kpaduma is a slum, an extension of Asokoro. It is overpopulated and abandoned by the government, and the occupants are truly suffering. It’s about 10 kilometres from our convent.

As someone who has a passion for indigent children, especially when it comes to denying them the right to be educated, l was moved with pity as a good number of the children were sent home, because they have not been able to pay their last academic session school fees. On arrival to Kpaduma, Sr. Chioma and I visited the families in their homes.  The stories that pierced my heart were those of parents as they narrated their family challenges, and their desire for their children to have the opportunity to be in school with others.

The parents of about half of the population of the school cannot afford to pay their school fees, and worse still, buying text books. It pierced my heart to hear that some pupils go to waste bins to pick disposed items so as to sell them to pay their fees or to buy text books. It is as bad as this!

Our Lady of the Rosary Nursery and Primary has 290 pupils and 14 teaching and non- teaching staff.  The  Nursery section  is for 3-5 year olds; the Primary section is grades 1-6.  Because of the poverty, the upper primary has children even up to 14 years of age who normally would be in secondary school but have not advanced. Even many 9 and 10 year olds are far behind. The need for sponsorships is the greatest for ages 4, 5, 9, 11,12.  The yearly fee is $43.87 US!

The local Rotary Club and other large-hearted people of God have intermittently supported the school by paying the school fees of some of the pupils and even erected two buildings for the school. But earnestly, we need more support which will afford some of the indigent pupils the great opportunity to be in school with their mates, and by so doing, we put smiles on their faces.

The sisters do not have any place to use as an office, but our joy is the small role we are playing in their lives, ensuring that morality is inculcated in them as well as sound and qualitative education.

Thank you so much for your efforts and sacrifices to ensure that indigent children are given a better future.  Education is the highest tool to a brighter future and greatness.

Many blessings!

Sr. Calista, HVM

Send your generous contributions marked for “Tuition Support” to Sisters, Home Visitors of  Mary, 121 E. Boston Blvd, Detroit, MI or to donate monthly via credit card click on the Donate button under “Donate Monthly” at the Donate/Contact Us tab on this website.