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Sisters Barbara and Elizabeth visit from Nigeria

In 2001 Srs. Barbara Dakoske and Elizabeth Harris moved from Detroit to Nigeria to plant the Home Visitors of Mary mission in the fertile ground there.  In the intervening 15 years the tiny seedling of their vision and effort has sprouted into a robust and thriving tree of accomplishment – 25 HVM sisters and 20 associates in Nigeria now serve others as teachers in 4 schools, catechetical leaders, outreach workers,  school administrators, HIV counselors, in youth services.  And as Home Visitors – the foundation core mission of SHVM.

Tree of life

One person at a time.  They work throughout their local communities.  They work at day care centers, at the Home Visitors of Mary Theology Institute, at the Nigerian Catholic Secretariat, at the Sr. Mary Schutz Women’s Empowerment Center.  They work as pastoral ministers at a hospital and a jail.

Sisters Barbara and Elizabeth are both visiting from Nigeria during May 2015.  They will be hosting a tea and presentation at the SHVM convent at 2:00 pm to 5:00 pm on Sunday, May 31.

Come join the Sisters!  Hear directly from these two young ladies who have devoted their lives to the HVM mission in the church of Nigeria.  Share their stories, their successes, their challenges.  Share their continuing visions for the future.  Ask questions.  Bring a friend.

Hope to see you then!  2:00 pm.  Sunday, May 31.  Sisters Home Visitors of Mary convent, 121 E. Boston Blvd., Detroit.  Secure parking is readily available in the Blessed Sacrament Cathedral parking lot immediately behind the SHVM convent.

In Case You Missed It …

In-Case-You-Missed-It-smallThe Michigan Catholic had a great article on the April 24, 2015, visit to the Sisters, Home Visitors of Mary convent by first-graders from Holy Name School in Birmingham, MI.

The article covers not only the enjoyable visit by the children, but also relevant facts and details of the SHVM history and continuing current mission.

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