2022 Gala Celebration

2022 Sisters Home Visitors of Mary Gala

SHVM  fundraising Gala Celebration was held at beautiful St. John Armenian Church banquet hall on October 9, 2022, honoring Fr. Norman Thomas for his life of dedication making known the message of love and peace that Jesus proclaimed.

Fr. Thomas graciously acknowledged the appreciation of the assembled attendees and parishioners. 

Fr. Norman Thomas, MC John Thorne, Sister Barbara

Sr. Rosemarie with table of parishioner guests

Attendees enjoyed a night sharing in the warm love and lasting purpose of  Sisters, Home Visitors of Mary, guided by presence of the Holy Spirit both in Detroit and in Nigeria.   Good friends, good food, good company, good dancing!

One of the highlights of the Gala was a video presentation from Sr. Clare Emeroum in Nigeria concerning the Day Care/Nursery School the sisters hope to build.  The facility will greatly benefit the children and their hard-working parents who rely on SHVM.

Click here to watch Sr. Clare’s presentation > YouTubeVideo.

Sr. Clare’s brother, Joseph , with able assistance from his two children, amplified Sr. Clare’s video with his event-ending personal appeal for generosity to support the Sisters’ planned day care nursery in Nigeria.

Joseph Emeroum ably assisted by daughter and son

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