Reflection on Fratelli Tutti Chapter 6

More than twenty five people joined with Sr. Rosemarie Abate, HMV at Cathedral of the Blessed Sacrament in Detroit on January 29, 2022, for the second group reflection on Fratelli Tutti, the encyclical issued by Pope Francis in 2020.  This reflection focused on Chapter 6 of Fratelli Tutti.  The meeting room at the Cathedral is a great location for such meetings.  It provides excellent space and free parking in a central location.

Fratelli Tutti is both simple and profound.  It speaks to the modern world that we encounter every day, helping us to see the Spirit of Christ in our daily social encounters.  It calls us to loving relationships with all our brothers and sisters – all persons — on topics covering justice, mercy, politics and religion.  It sets forth love as the center path to building better, more just and peaceful societies worldwide.  Chapter 6 focuses on the importance of dialogue in pursuit of the Common Good.

“Pope Francis invites us to be people who, out of love, dialogue with all our brother and sisters.”

Sr. Mary Katherine, IHM, provided the opening keynote:  She highlighted that true dialogue is neither easy nor natural.  It needs a specific decision “to listen” to others.  It is more than just conversation.  Dialogue is active.  It takes practice, it takes energy, it takes skill.  When fully accomplished it achieves a beautiful “space” shared between individuals who speak to and “listen to” each other – their views, their perspectives, their worlds.

Table groups then discussed issues involved in the “art of encounter” … respecting others especially the poor and indigenous, how to distinguish between truth, opinion, perspective, how and when to give up our view for the common good.  Table discussions were candid and enjoyable.  All participants were fulfilled by a spirit of shared openness. 

Table reports were led by Jen Hunter.  Closing prayer was led by Sr. Rosemarie.

Please contact Sr. Rosemarie is you would like to join a future reflection on Fratelli Tutti.  Attendance is open to all persons of good will.

The next reflection on Chapter 7 of the encyclical is already scheduled for April 30, 2022, two Saturdays after Easter Sunday.