Sisters Home Visitors of Mary in Nigeria

The coronavirus has been slower to take hold in Africa than on other continents according to the numbers released daily by the World Health Organization.  But Nigeria is beginning to emerge as one of several places in Africa where the pandemic is taking its terrible toll.  The Sisters Home Visitors of Mary are trying to cope – continuing their missions of serving, caring, teaching and daycare as best they can.

This post highlights recent activities of Sisters Patience and Monica at the St. Gabriel Chaplaincy located in the Durumi area of Abuja, capital of Nigeria.  Srs Patience and Monica coordinate and teach catechism for children who attend local public and private schools.  Classes are normally held on Saturday and Sunday afternoons but have currently been suspended.

 As many as 130 students attend, divided into classes corresponding to their next upcoming sacrament: prayer class for the youngest children, Baptism class, First Holy Communion class and Confirmation class.   Building a community of faith with lives centered on Christ and His teachings.

The Sisters Home Visitors of Mary  in Nigeria appreciate your thoughts, prayers and support as Covid-19 ravages the world.

First Holy Communion

Sr Patience (left) and Sr. Monica (right)