Feb 22 Immigration Reflection Meeting

Many Journeys, One Family

 Forty people attended the Friends of Immigrants meeting sponsored by HVM at Blessed Sacrament Cathedral on February 22, to reflect on Pope Francis’ call to WELCOME, PROTECT and INTEGRATE migrants and victims of human trafficking.

Here are the groups’ action suggestions.  How many of these suggestions can you implement?

Speak at our own parishes and form committees to respond to immigrants and immigration issues.

Utilize empty parish houses, rectories, schools, etc.  Reach out to AOD on this.

Speak to our pastors about homilies regarding social just awareness, Catholic Social Teachings.

Have food, clothing and support drive to assist families left behind without assistance because of deportation.

Contact Lourdes Fonseca to help families suffering because of deportations. Run parish drives for this.

Pray in our parishes daily and weekly specifically for refugees.

Stop living in fear.

Attend Clark Park weekly demonstration (Fri.3:45-4:45).

Reach out to undocumented/documented immigrant families and inform them with a sheet or card of important contact numbers for assistance for basic survival needs which include spiritual, food, shelter, clothing, legal needs and education, etc.  (Know the neighborhood).  Provide families with maps and mark location of agencies/support resources.

Assistance to immigrants: food, money for utilities, visit.

Are there simple ways to help pro-bono lawyers so they can help more families?

Invite “Stranger No Longer” to talk at parishes, groups, etc.  Contact Bill O’Brien for parish program.

Sacred Heart Major Seminary needs to include understanding of the Pope’s message and plea regarding immigration.

Pray for families.  Prayer. Lord, bless the work of our hands.

Translate for people.

Provide transportation as needed to doctors, court, etc.  Accompany people.

Help them find a church where they can attend, may be in their lst language.

Support English as Second Language programs for children and adults.  (MI underfunded area.)

Get real information about immigration.

Make sure we know our neighbors.

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