Holy Name School 1st Grade Missionaries

First grade students at Holy Name Catholic School in Birmingham, MI, raised more than $400 for Little Angels School in Ichama, Nigeria.

00 Holy Name 1st Graders

First grade teacher Mrs. Zanda Mitchell prepared our future mission-conscious Christians by leading her first graders in a cookie & bake sale to help children at Little Angels School, where 3 HVM sisters serve as director and teachers.   Tuition at Little Angels School is $10.00 per year but even this small amount is too much for some local families in Ichama.  The money raised by the first graders at Holy Name are enough to pay tuition for 40 children.

How have you helped our children experience the joy of sharing and merciful giving?  You can help support the same efforts as these “small” missionaries at Holy Name School.   Go to the Contact Us/Donate  page on this website and click on the “Donate” button there.  A single $10 donation is enough for a full year’s tuition.