New Sisters Take Vows in Gwagwalada

Five HVM Sisters took first vows to God in ceremonies at St. Paul Parish Church in Gwagwalada, Nigeria, in August 2014.  John Cardinal Onaiyekan, Archbishop of Abuja, celebrated the Eucharist.  Sr. Barbara Dakoske, HVM, received their vow commitments as Home Visitor administrator.  Sr. Winifred acted as commentator during the ceremony.

August Vows 1

Sr, Margaret Opara professes her vows to God

 Above, Sr. Margaret Opara professes her vows to God.  Left to right :  Sr. Margaret Opara (kneeling), Sr. Winefred (standing at the pulpit), commentated on the vow rite, Sr. Barbara Dakoske (seated), Administrator of SHVM Nigeria,  John Cardinal Oneiyekan (seated), Archbishop of Abuja.

August Vows 3

Sr. Monica Etokudoh entered the HVM Novitiate

Above:  Sister Monica entered the HVM Novitiate.  As a Novice, she wears a veil with blue trim.  She received a cross and here religious name: Sr. Monica Etokudoh.

Children dancing at the Vow Celebration

Children dancing at the reception in the church hall

Above.  Children dancers from Mater Dei at the vow celebration.  The young dancers were  prepared by Sr. Ndifreke.  The chairman of the occasion and the parents of the newly professed were at the head table.  The five sisters who made their first vows are at the table to the right.


Adult committee members called to dance

Adult committee members called to dance

 Above: Adult men committee members called to dance during the reception.  Most of the women were busy in the kitchen preparing to serve food at the time this picture was taken.