Sisters, Home Visitors of Mary

Photos from Oct 9 Gala

The SHVM Fundraising Gala at  St. John Armenian Center in Southfield, MI, on October 9, was a wonderful event.  The Gala featured top notch music, theater and dance performances highlighted by a theater program under direction of Gina Ellis, storytelling by Satori Shakoor, and an Adult Dance Troop from Legacy Dance Studio  directed by Rosalind Leath.

Their performances speak to us in harmony with the Sisters Home Visitors of Mary vision of the Mystical Body of Christ, wherein each individual has a place and part to play …

Mr. Joseph Emerou & Family

Msgr. Michael LeFevre

Beatrice Cochran Chairperson of HVM Fundraising Committe

Family of Melissa Belevender

Sr. Rosemarie Abate

Courtney Jackson

Lorielle Walker, onstage

Lorielle Walker

Click here to see dancing … Video

Maria Larkins

Satori Shakoor

Thelma Wilson (r) and friend

Ben Washburn, Mrs. Washburn, Sr. Fiorentina

Kaitlyn Clark

Sr. Mary Finn

Janet Sapanaro

Five smiling ushers and Janet Sapanaro

Two happy young gentlemen

Mr. Hugh Buchanan