Sisters, Home Visitors of Mary

Face Time with Srs. Barbara and Elizabeth

More that 30 people took advantage of the rare opportunity for face-face-time with Srs. Barbara Dakoske and Elizabeth Harris while they were visiting from Nigeria, attending a tea at the SHVM convent on May 31, 2105.   Wonderful food and desert items were followed by an interesting PowerPoint presentation on current SHVM endeavors in Nigeria.  Photos from the PowerPoint will be shown here in the future.

Akua Budu-Watkins with her wonderful deserts

Nancy Brown

Sr. Elizabeth with Akua Budu-Watkins

Sr. Elizabeth, Kaitlyn Clark, Sr. Barbara

Sr. Barbara showing PowerPoint

Audience members

Oscar and Vivian Gulley

Melissa Belevender watching up close

Howard Weathington with Donald and Barbara Carter

Kathy Wendt Sr. Barbara Dakoske Suzanne Lareau

Margaret Ehiemere and Sr. Chioma

Samuel Onyene and Rene Bascomb

Srs. Rosemarie, Mary Frances, Elizabeth

Sr. Barbara and Thelma Wilson

Kaitlyn Clark, Janet Saponaro, Thelma Wilson

Proud gramma and granddaughter