Sisters, Home Visitors of Mary

Join the Winners in Ichama


Sr. Calista and Sr. Helen, Little Angels School

Today we pictorially visit Little Angels School in Ichama, Benue State, Nigeria, where HVM Srs. Calista and Helen serve as headmistress and teachers.  We join them on Thursday, March 13, in a day of school-wide sports competitions.  Students organized by “house” (think Harry Potter) competed in football, long jump, foot races and table tennis.  Join the fun!  May your smile be as big as the smiles on the faces of the children.

From Headmistress Sr. Calista Iwu’s opening address:  “Undoubtedly, this event today which involves games and competition encompasses more than just the drama and excitement of a sporting competion.  It also develops pride and self-confidence in school and fosters a healthy competitive culture through a wide range of sporting and cultural activities.”

Your generosity, along with fundraising by 1st grade students at Holy Name School in Birmingham, MI,  helps orphaned children in Ichama attend Little Angels School and participate in school activites such as these.  See Letters from Ichama.

Sr. Helen makes last minute decorations

Yellow House Team

Green House Team

Some parents in attendance

Blue House Team (winning smile @ front center)

Red House Team

Bishop Michael Apochi and parish laity chairman

Dark Blue House team marching

Long Jump sprint

Bishop Michael Apochi, Bishop, Cth. Diocese of Otukpo – Opening Mass

Blue House marching


Table Tennis 

Cultural Dance

Ball Into Basket Competition

Red House Marching

Winner’s Team Head Child Approaching Bishop

Back with Mom!

Bible prize to 400 meter winner