Sisters HVM at Easter 2021

May Life Spring Up in Us

as we open ourselves to the Spirit
filled with hope and peace


Ten years ago our Sisters opened Little Angels School in Ichama, diocese of Oktupo in the southern part of Benue state.   This Easter 2021 Sr. Lydia and Sr. Sylvia, Home Visitors, begin ministering at St. Joseph Parish in Korinya city in the diocese of Gboko, also in Benue state.  Benue state is the heart of Tivland culture and Korinya is another small city in a rural setting.  If you visited today you would want to escape the 107 temperatures by seeking the cool 103 temperatures of the shade.

St. Joseph Korinya parish happens to be the starting point of Catholicism in Tivland.  The parish has a nursery, a primary school, a boys and girls high school, (day and boarding) as well as a clinic.   Recently the priest added an ICT center  to the elementary school so pupils can learn basic computer knowledge before moving to secondary school.   The bishop underscores the importance of education, especially of the poor, in this growing area filled with tensions.   Pray for our Sisters going forth with hope to bring peace that comes from a deep respect and love of every person – Catholics – Muslim; farmer-herder; no matter your tribe.  Your donations help provide education for hundreds of youth in a poor farming area.#####

“People ask: What is the most durable power in the universe?   And the fact is that Easter answers that question.  You wonder about it. What is it that is the heartbeat of the moral cosmos? It’s the power of love. Easter tells us that. Sometimes it looks like the other powers are much more durable. Then we come to see that isn’t true. But the most durable lasting power in this world is the power of love.”

-Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

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