Gala Cancelled – Please Help

Please walk with the women answering the call of Christ

Four Sisters take final vows. Gwagwalada, Nigeria. July 11, 2020

The annual Gala event hosted by Sisters, Home Visitors of Mary was cancelled due to the coronavirus pandemic.  The Gala has been the crucial fund-raising event to support SHVM missions in Nigeria for the past 16 years.    The Sisters need your support more now than ever!  The pandemic raises awareness of our oneness. The Sisters, Home Visitors of Mary are able persevere in their mission because of support from people like you who share our vision.  We seek your financial and prayer support. Your generosity helped birth the HVM congregation in Nigeria and has continued to support its ministries.

COVID-19 further challenges life in Nigeria:   Shutdowns leave people without work and thus unable to afford to eat.  Travel bans lead to higher cost of basic goods.  Social distancing raises the cost of bus transportation.  Our Sister’s already modest salaries have been cut in half to $50.00  a month.  The HVM Theology Institute has cancelled classes and the Day Cares have closed.

Your support, no matter how small, is needed and so deeply appreciated.

Please make checks payable to Sisters, Home Visitors of Mary.  121 E Boston, Detroit, MI 48202.  Or click our  Donate page to use credit card or Paypal.  Monthly recurring donations are a convenient way to maximize your support.  

 Jesus fed the 5,000 with 2 loaves and 5 fish, twelve baskets of bread were left.   May we, as disciples, feed the minds and heart and bodies of our brothers and sisters today.  US Rep. John R. Lewis spoke and lived the truth that we are brothers and sisters in one house, one world. Please join us in nurturing our brothers and sisters in Nigeria.

Thank you for caring.  May all of God’s blessing flow to you and yours.


Sr. Rosemarie Abate, HVM